Contact Information & Request for Proposal

Buyer can email us their Request for Proposal (RFP) with description of the goods required.  

The Buyer is responsible for providing JimYasu International Trading (Seller) with a RFP containing in exacting detail a list or description of all relevant parameters of the intended purchase, such as: 

  • Part descriptions/specifications or numbers
  • Type of model
  • Model number or product number
  • Quantities/Volumes
  • Measurements
  • Description or drawings
  • Quality levels
  • Terms and conditions
  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Product or trademark name
  • Color etc., or 
  • any other details about the goods.  

Buyer must also email JimYasu (Seller) the name of

  • City / Town
  • Seaport
  • Airport and
  • Country – the destination where the goods are to be shipped.
  • All goods will be shipped FOB (Free On Board) by JimYasu International Trading, unless notified otherwise.  

JimYasu International Trading (Seller) will prepare a detailed Business Proposal (BP) and email it to the  Buyer within 3-15 working days.

After the Buyer has accepted the terms and conditions as stated in the Business Proposal in writing (via email/fax), JimYasu International (Seller) will share its banking information,  method of payment and any other information deemed necessary to finalize and close the deal with the Buyer.

We look forward to serving your business needs, we look forward to hearing from you at
Thank you


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